Family Compass
Empowering families to build a better tomorrow for their children.

Community Collaboration

Collaboration is a hallmark of all Family Compass programs. Our Chief Executive Officer serves on the Family Violence Prevention Council (FVPC), the City of Dallas Domestic Violence Task Force and the Child Abuse Prevention Coalition (CAPCO). These multi-disciplinary groups bring together community agencies and organizations to comprehensively address intimate partner violence, elder abuse and child abuse. CAPCO is chaired by the Director of Education and Outreach at Family Compass and the Clinical Director of our Parent Aide Program serves on the Dallas County Child Death Review Team (CDRT). On a statewide level, Family Compass serves on the Public Policy and Prevention committee of TexProtects and endorses legislative agendas from TexProtects and the Texas Council on Family Violence (TCFV). On a nationwide level, the Family Compass CEO is involved in national efforts to address abuse and violence by serving as faculty for Futures Without Violence and on the Board of Directors of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN).

Family Compass is dedicated to sharing information and knowledge to further the development of social service professionals in our community and partners with local agencies on training initiatives. Additionally, Family Compass collaborates closely with other social service agencies serving high-risk families to provide and receive cross-agency referrals. Partnerships with these community entities allow Family Compass staff to effectively address the critical and unique needs of each client. Examples of some of these partnerships can be found here.

Family Compass has also worked closely with the Southern Methodist University School of Psychology and the Injury Prevention Center of Greater Dallas to evaluate the impact and outcomes of our programming within our community. Through these partnerships, we are able to assess the efficacy of our evidence-based programs and ensure that we implement them with fidelity.