Family Compass’ mission is to build healthy families and a strong Dallas community by preventing child abuse and neglect.  Our mission resonates through our therapeutic and educational programs for families with increased risk for child abuse.  Our vision is that all parents are equipped and empowered with the tools to raise healthy and productive children.  We work to empower parents by teaching positive parenting methods and supporting parents in strengthening their families’ emotional, economical, physical, and social capacities. 

Founded in 1992 by more than 400 Dallas Exchange Club volunteers, our mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect in our community.  For our programs to be successful in reaching out to high-risk families, our image must be both useful and friendly.  After careful development and consideration, in 2012 we changed our name from Child Abuse Prevention Center to Family Compass.  Our name change helps to more clearly communicate our purpose of guiding families away from violence and towards a path of health, healing and hope.  Family Compass is a United Way agency.

Since 1992, nearly 40,000 children and parents have been served by Family Compass.

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